27 June 2007

The future will have no 'OFF' switches ...

There is little doubt left in my mind that in the future, we will be surrounded by an ever increasing number of 'ON' switches and a complete absence of 'OFF' switches.
That's right. No 'OFF' switches whatsoever. In fact, I think the very notion of 'not being on' will eventually become alien to the human condition and quietly fade into obsolescence, while simultaneously giving rise to a deeper more intuitive meaningful understanding of the function, 'On Standby'.

Of course, I don't imagine some wasteful ridiculous future where the lights are on twenty-four seven, rather I envision a future where the lights 'know' they are currently on zero luminescent 'standby' and are waiting to increase that value accordingly. I mean look at this crazy light switch for example, it's already happening, in fact it's been happening for some time.

A future where there is no 'Offline' to speak of. A future where everything is actively self organised, self powered, downloading, uploading and updating a constant user generated streaming feed of social network communicati.

In short. I think in the future, everything will always in some way, shape or form, be either 'ON', 'sub-ON' or simply ' currently inactive', but never in terms which you could best describe as 'OFF'.

What do you think?

By Erueti Brown with 2 comments

2 Jabber?:

I think we will end up with computer chips in our brains. Wired.

in the future there's no need to a off bottom, all will be made it by a voice command, like the actual iPOD and IPHONE.